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Titanic is a 1997 American romantic classic movies directed, written and produced by James Cameron.A tragic and marvelous love story between a first-class passenger named Rose and a below-decks dreamboat named Jack. Titanic has many greatest scenes.Acting and Cinematography of this movie are spectacular. This movie highlights some differences which are still exists in our society.Most importently it gives us one big lesson that money can't buy happiness all the time.It is still well-remembered, one of the blockbaster and the greatest movie of all time.

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"Titanic" is in the top 5 movies that have received the most oscars.


I'm excited to watch this masterpiece in the big screen for the first time.It's one of my childhood favourites.It'll be great day.

-James Williams

It's really great opportunity for celebrating 25th anniversary.My feeling can not be changed for this greatest love story.

-Thanh Kim

Superb and my all time favourite movie.I'm really happy to know that picture house celebrating 25th anniversary.

-Louis Moreau