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14 Nelson St, Bristol BS1 2LA

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Enjoy fresh and yummy foods everyday with Richardson's Bakery. A piece of happiness that will bring a smile in your face. We are passionate and dedicated small baker team in Bristol. We offer best quality cake,pastry,croissant,cookies etc. Each and every dishes are made in slightly traditional way with new concept.You will feel joy in every bites.Try now. Explore our varity types of pastries,cookies,croissants.We are a small and fun loving beker team in Bristol. Our Passion is to make innovative bakes for people.Better taste in a creative way. You can explore many tasty new bakes in our shop. We make breads, pastries, macarons, cookies, crossaints etc. Each and every recipes are unique. You will love it.

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Arthur Johnson

Review  yellow five star

Superb quality which they claimed is true.Pastries were really amazing and delious. environment was homely.Customer service was good.I tried few muffins here and it's absolutely worthy.

Celine Leroy

Review yellow four star

I always love to try new pastries and crossaints.I tried some of their special dishes.It's amazing in one word.Quality is good and taste is really innovative.i love the quality and sweet strawberry croissant.

Hanako Saito

Review yellow five star

My friend recommended me for Richardson's bakery's muffins.Their service and muffins were absolutely amazing.I want to visit again Richardson's Bakery and taste some of their new arrivals.