About Us

Why Choose Us?

Welcome to Richardson's bakery.We always listen to our customers and notice what they want.It always tastes better when it's made with passion.Our aim is to deliver delicious and yummy bakes to our lovely customers.You will always come back for this magical taste.

We are a small and fun loving beker team in Bristol.Our Passion is to make innovative bakes for people.Better taste in a creative way.You can explore many tasty new bakes in our shop.We make breads, pastries, macarons, cookies, crossaints etc. Each and every recipes are unique.You will love it.

what makes it special?

We always give importace to quality.Each one of our bakes are freshly made with love.This makes our products taste divine. We are best known for our quality services.Our speciality is making Various types of macarons.We deliver our cakes for ocations like birthday,graduation,anniversary, Christmas and many more.For each and every ocation we always carefully construct the product.Free delivery is available in Bristol.In Richardson's you can also find healthy bakes.We provide anti allergy bakes.

Our Team Member

James Williams


Thanh Kim

Pastry Chef

Louis Moreau