A Designer's Code of Ethics

By Mike Monteiro

Brief about this article:

This article is about how to become a good designer. After reading this article I got to know some important advices about designers. Designers are really important. They can effect the society through their works and help to plan a better future for next generation. So, if someone chose to becaome a designer then they can't choose it because of income. Because, artists and designers are almost similar. Good works always come from if you are passionate about that particular subject.

Designers are always will be responsible for their work. They can't be sure when and in a what way their work will be used. So, They should be careful.Society is a mixture of good and bad. Designers are also part of this society. To bacome a good designer they need to value the impact. A designer's job is not only to produce the work. They also need to evaluate the work. If is also important for a designer to find out that if this work really has any nagative impact for this society. If so, then they need to eliminate this as soon as possible. Because,this is a designer's responsibility. Criticism is a main key to make a best work for a designer.They should be open minded. If you get more feedbacks then, you can improve your work and you can also understand the impact of the work in a better way. So, designer should welcome Criticism.

Solving problem should be the first priority of a designer. For that they need know their audience who are having this issue very well.Team work is really important. More points of view will be appropriate and it makes easier to solve the problem.While working , designers need to think about every person's prospective because everyone matters. Professionalism plays an important role for a designer. Designer needs ro work with different people from different background. Diversity always helps to produce a better design.Self-reflection always takes time for a dedsigner.