A Designer's Code of Ethics

By Mike Monteiro

Why this article?

This is really interesting article.I am a learner and currently doing designing course. So, it's really important to get some useful advice since, I want to work in the design industry in the future. I chose this particular text from this article because this inspired me and it's really important advice to become a good designer. I got to learn that it's impossible to design from one perspective. Diversity is always helps to produce a better work and designer needs to be professional at every circumstances.This article helps me to understand designing in a better way.

color palette

I chose bluish color palette for this literature project because blue represents inspiration, confidence, faith , sincerity etc. This article is all about to inspire the designer to become better. So, this color will go well and create perfect emotion to read. I also used purple and grey to highlight headline and quotation. These colors also matched with this emotion and will go well with blue shades. It perfectly highlighted the important words. My aim was to create perfect calming mood for reading and choosing a color palette is really importent for web design. This palette creates a beautiful soothing and pleasant vibes for reading. Blue also represents calmness and relaxation.​

Font style

I used sans-serif and serif typefaces for this project. I divided two parts for typography. For header section and "quotation marks" serif typefaces have been used and for rest of the body part I used sans-serif typefaces. My aim was to create a clear and easily readable text but look professional. I chose "Merriweather" serif type face for header section , "Quicksand" sans-serif typeface for body paragraph and "outfit" sans-serif typeface for body headline. This creates a perfect clean design for my "literature" project. I read some articles about typography and I got to know serif typefaces are too similar and it is always best to pair with sans-serif fonts. I used that approach. For each set of typefaces I used two "fall back" fonts . "Merriweather" font is giving a pleasant headline look for readers. "Quicksand" is working well for the body text and fitted the mood of this article. I wanted to create simple , clean but modern article design.​